PETCIA is dedicated to recycling post-consumer PET bottles. In 2013, the company transformed the old factory in Chiva (Valencia) into the largest and most modern PET recycling plant in Europe, with an annual flake production capacity of 50,000 tonnes. This major transformation and modernisation process was possible thanks to the strong investment in the plant that Grupo Dentis made on 9 March 2011, the date on which it purchased 100% of the shares.


In 1999, a group of industrialists from the recycling world created PET COMPAÑÍA PARA SU RECICLADO SAU with the purpose of helping to comply with the legislation related to the collection and treatment of plastic container waste, specifically PET, which in those days was starting to be collected in a selective manner. The purpose of the plant in Chiva (Valencia) is to recycle bottles made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that come from the selective waste collection carried out by local councils as part of integrated management systems. Prior to delivering the bottles to recycling plants, they are taken to container sorting plants, where they are classified. Bottles coming from urban solid waste plants are also treated by recovering the plastic that arrives in the non-recyclable waste.
In 2007 a group of shareholders purchased an equity interest in the company. As a result of this corporate operation, a group structure was created with Sociedad Poliester Extrusionado S.L. as the parent company which, after the operation, became the owner of 100% of the shares of PET Compañía para su Reciclado S.A.U. In 2011, Sociedad Poliester Extrusionado subsequently sold its main asset, PET COMPAÑÍA PARA SU RECICLADO S.A.U. to the Italian group, DENTIS. The date marked the start of a new professional activity within the company, as part of Grupo Dentis’ strategy, which was committed to the future of PETCIA. Grupo Dentis invested in its transformation to convert it into what, at that time, was the most modern plant with the greatest PET recycling capacity in Europe.


Grupo Dentis is one of the leaders in the European environment industry, specifically in the PET recycling and value chain. At present, the Group is made up of the following companies: DENTIS, SRL: A plant located in Sant’Albano (Cuneo, Italy) that is dedicated to recycling PET bottles. PET COMPAÑÍA PARA SU RECICLADO SAU. A plant located in Chiva (Valencia) that is also dedicated to recycling post-consumer PET bottles. The company is owned by Dentis SRL, through Dentis Reciclaje Plástico, SL, a company that possesses 100% of the shares of PET Compañía para su Reciclado SAU. ECO PLAST RECYCLAGE: The company is a stakeholder of a French PET recycling plant dedicated to the ‘bottle to bottle’ process. DEMAP, SRL: This company sorts the plastics that come from the selective waste collection in the province of Turin (Italy).
DECOR, SRL: The owner of some real estate assets in Cuneo (Italy).


The DEMETO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 768573.


A project co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in the grants awarded for the 2012 Re-industrialisation Programme and ERDF Operational Programme, Autonomous Region of Valencia 2007-2013 (PET COMPAÑÍA PARA SU RECICLADO, SA. A programme for implementing new technologies and processes in order to modernise the company. File no.: REI-040000-2012-61)


PET COMPAÑÍA PARA SU RECICLADO, SAU Polígono Industrial La Pahilla El Blanquizar S/N 46370 Chiva (Valencia) – Spain Tel.: +34 962 524 148 Fax: +34 962 524 259